With this tutorial there is no need for a printing press, all you need for printing is a wooden spoon and bit of welly!



Prepare your desired ink, I’m using Caligo Safewash but you can use any block printing inks.


Make sure you have ink all round your roller, to do this lift your roller after each roll, make sure you can hear a tacky sound this is a good indicator that you have enough ink on your roller.


Ink up your block, I’m using Softcut Lino but there are lots to choose from.



Once you have covered the whole block in ink, place a piece of paper over your block and using the back of a wooden spoon, rub the paper in small circular motions, pressing hard until you can see the outline of the print through the back of the paper.


Once you are happy with this, lift your paper to reveal your image.


and there you have it, printing with a wooden spoon.


Happy printing x